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What is the dialing code for USA. Dial 0844 862 9910 then 001 +Destination Number.

Call South Africa for only 2.5p per minute. Dial 0843 019 9910 and then your international number in full.

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Call Bangladesh for 2p per minute. Dial 0844 831 9910 and then your international number in full

Call Australia Mobile for only 9p per minute. Dial 0871 305 9910 and then your international number in full.

Call India for only 1.5p per minute. Dial 0843 017 9910 and then the international number in full.

Better Quality Lines than... Telediscount, Dialwise, Telestunt or Telesavers.

Topup your mobile with credits by PayPal for international calls.

Call cheap to many destinations worldwide. Use our access numbers for cheap calls.

Mootel for cheap international calls from a UK landline or mobile.

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cheap calls to ALBANIA MOBILE

Cheap international calls to ALBANIA MOBILE from your landline, mobile... or phone box!

No Fee, Registration or Credit Cards.

Cheap calls to Albania mobile

Click here to print your free phonecard for cheap calls to ALBANIA MOBILE

Click here to find your international dialing code.



Calling from a UK Landline to ALBANIA .

The cost of this call is 25p per minute.

Dial the following access number: 0911 149 9910

Dial the international dialing code and number you wish to call.

This service is a pence per minute service and will be billed directly to your landline phone bill.


Calling from a UK mobile to ALBANIA MOBILE.

The cost of this call is 33.6p per minute.

Auto Top-up PIN service

To add credit to your mobile:

Text MOO to 80077 (for a 5 top up)

When you receive your PIN just dial

0208 497 1007 or 0800 619 1007 and start saving money.

MOO to 67400 (for a 10 top up - we will top up £1 extra free)

MOO to 84459 (for a 3 top up)

MOO to 80876 (for a 1.50 top up)

The text will cost you £10 / £5 / £3 / £1.50 depending upon your choice of top up and we will credit your phone with that amount. You can use the credit directly from your mobile you text us from or from other mobiles and landlines using the PIN number.

To stop auto top-up text "STOP" to 67400 / 80077 / 84459 / 80876


Calling from a UK mobile to ALBANIA MOBILE.

The cost of this call is 33.6p per minute.

This service allows you to topup your mobile with credits by PayPal in order to make cheap international calls.

Just add some credit to your mobile by purchasing the amount of credit you require via PayPal.

We'll then add £5, £10 or £20 worth of international call credit directly to your mobile phone.

Click here to top up by PayPal

Dial access 0208 497 8787 or 0800 619 8797 for making cheap international calls.

Buy phone card online paypal

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Cheap calls to ALBANIA MOBILE

Capital city: Tirana
Currency: Albanian Lek (ALL)
International dialling code: 00355
Principle languages: Albanian


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cheap phone calls to ALBANIA MOBILE